Wholesale – The Odd Sisters

Hello and Welcome to The Odd Sisters Greeting Cards Wholesale Page

My cards are whimsical portraits of  women who have never existed, but they have jumped off the paper and asked to be given a chance to make an appearance.

They all seemed to have a mind of their own and their surroundings just seemed to evolve as my pen went searching through the watercolors. I am also thrilled that people also seem to enjoy finding little surprise in The Odd Sisters’ art.

My cards  seem to carry a lot of emotions, not always happy and light, but I do feel and appreciate their strength whether one card talks about always carrying your burdens to a woman who turned into a tree.  Below you’ll find the most recent versions of my cards and several ways to order.

Learn more about our cards:

  •  I like to think of my art cards  being “suitable for framing.” they are perfect for almost any occasion – just let The Odd Sisters tell you which one works best.
  • 5″ x 7″(A7)  card (100 lb. paper stock) that are left blank inside so if you have the time, you have the place to pour our your feelings or simply write, “Happy Birthday.”
  • Comes with a white envelope. Arrives in a sealed cellophane sleeve.
  • $3.00 Wholesale. $6.00 suggested retail.

Is there a shop you think should carry our cards? Let us know and we’ll send them a link to the Wholesale page!

Ways to order:
– Phone in your order. Our number is 516 629-6838
– Send us an email with items and quantities. elzcassidyart@optonline.net
– Fill out this Wholesale From and email it to us. Orders ship within 5-7 business days.

Please click on art below for larger viewing.