The Odd Sisters

Welcome to The Odd Sisters!

The world is imperfect. I am imperfect. My art is imperfect.The Odd Sisters (TM) showed up one day during an art workshop about faces.  I am not a conventional painter so I was amazed when they kept appearing and asking to be given the right to make an entrance.

And who am I to stop them?

I feel each one represents a time in a woman’s life – from childhood memories to #Me Too.

If Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese aesthetic  based on the beauty of imperfection, then I like to think of The Odd Sisters as wise women who accept the reality of their imperfect beauty inside and out and are quite at peace with that.

I’d like to thank these brave women for showing up and allowing me the privilege of painting them so that they can tell their stories.

Thank you for coming to visit the Odd Sisters. They love company and they don’t mind getting framed…in your home, that is.

The award winning Odd Sisters believe that even if you are a litle odd, you’ll always be a sister.

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