Who wants to save the world? Please raise your hand.


I know i was a little scared to raise my hand also. But the last few years have made me more fearless and more of a believer that even a small act of love, peace or empathy  can change a person’s life.  I have seen it myself with someone’s kindness towards me and I have seen what it does when I pay it forward.

Last week I had breakfast in NYC with a good friend who was leaving for Italy and Iceland a few hours later. When i got over not being invited, I asked her if she would give out Little love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution cards during her vacation. The idea of these 2 countries getting our cards kind of got me excited.  She said “yes” and as the pictures show, she has been quite busy. Next week, it’s Iceland’s turn.



We need more love and peace in our world and I have seen how Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution has been part of the change we need right now.  The members of the Peaceful Revolution have left cards all over the world and we have distributed over 70,000 cards that have been left in public places, or handed to someone who looks like they could use a little cheering up.

My hope is that we can hit 100,000 Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution cards by the end of 2018.

I think small changes can be powerful. I didn’t start Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution to change the world, but I did start it to change a heart or two. I started it to help people feel less alone.  I started it to help them feel like they matter. Because they do.

I created this card because  I believe that we are part of one big family. Here is the copy:

When you look in my direction,

what do you see?

When I look at you

I see me.

Welcome to the family.

I am asking you to join our Peaceful Revolution. Summer is a great time to get out there and leave cards around your community or in a country that you are visiting. It takes seconds to do and is fat free.  But what you get back just knowing that you are changing someone’s day or even their life is immeasurable.

It can save your world.

Please join us and get your cards at: Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution Cards     

We have an assortment of 18 cards so you will receive some of each to spread around!


My Confession. My Apology. My Call to Action.


“When they go low. We go high.” Former First Lady Michelle Obama

First of all,  I want to wish you all happy, healthy and adventurous new year. May this year find you feeling less stress and I hope we can all put down those electronic  devices and go outside and hug a tree or look up at that big yellow ball in the sky. It’s the sun and she would like to share a little D3 with us all. Not all of us can carry off the Walking Dead look.

I have to be honest.  2017 and all that went on got me off course. I feel like i am have been torn apart by the going ons in this county, in this world. Some days I felt like I wanted to stay under the covers and let someone battle the demons in the world.

And that is so not me.

But I felt powerless and gave into it. Some days  I would be all about the peace and love and then a minute later I would be yelling and my cats  would just turn up the cartoon channel. Their human was driving them nuts also.

I started Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution about 18 months ago. Right after the Orlando  Night Club massacre. I knew I had to do something besides crying and worrying about my family and friends.  I took the call to action seriously and with some dynamic members of the Peaceful Revolution, we distributed business size cards all over the world. My art and my words (or I dipped into some wordsmiths’ words to convey my thoughts) that covered the cards were left in public places where people could find them and know that they were not alone.

I do believe that when you are ready, what you are supposed to do shows up. That is how I feel about my passion to bring a little more peace and love to the world.

But I let myself get scared and frustrated by the world.

But no more!

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