A little history behind Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution: After the Orlando Pulse Night Club mass murders in June 2016, I decided that enough was enough. I could no longer just be a bystander. I looked for a way to help and Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution became my answer. It seems that when it is the right thing to do that it just shows up and makes itself present to you. I matched some of my art work with affirmations that I had written or I pinched the words of men and women with stronger voices and created 2" x 3 1/2" Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution cards. One side featured my art and the words were displayed on the other side. I thought if people could leave a card in a public place for someone to find that the person finding the card would feel less lonely and know that they matter.

Why a Greeting card? Plus a Big Announcement!

We are out of touch with being in touch. 

So you might think that I missed the Valentine’ s Day crunch to get my cards into your homes.

Truth be told, I did it on purpose. Not that I have a wish to see my greeting card lines implode or anything like that.

I wanted the rush to quiet down so that I could answer the question: “Why a Greeting Card?”

We created this high tech world where technology is god and is constantly changing (or should it be charging) and one of the saddest developments with all our new gadgets and visits to massage therapists because our necks are killing us is… loneliness. We are walking around with wounded souls and the fear that we are not seen or heard or matter.

The Odd Sisters are all about empowerment with a tad of humor thrown in.

Loneliness is a world that never sleeps.

This study, published by the global health service company, CIGNA, found that 46 percent of U.S. adults report sometimes or always feeling lonely and 47 percent report feeling left out. Generation Z, or those between the ages of 18 and 22, were the loneliest generation, with a “loneliness score” of 48.3. Cigna calls those “epidemic levels.”May 4, 2018.

 Epidemic levels? You think?

I am declaring  March 2019, the Month of the Greeting Card. Hey, if we can have pepperoni pizza day then we can have a greeting card month. I am challenging everyone who reads this post to please buy a card, make a card, recycle a card(really?) and send it to someone who  you know who could use some cheering up.  Write a message in it. Feel the weird sensation of having a pen in your hands. If you don’t have a pen, get one from your parents or grandparents. Maybe send them a card.

I am a fine artist who worked to get her work in shows and galleries until that morning in June 2016 when i woke up to hear that 49 young men and women where shot down at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. Fl.  My life changed that day. As a writer and an artist I could no longer sit back and expect other people to offer comfort and peace to  people. It became my job.  On a very small scale, I created Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution cards  that were left around in public places for people to find.  We did a noble job of getting over 70,000 cards around the world.

Part Two of “Why A Greeting Card?”  

A Peaceful Revolution cards are created using watercolors, pen & ink, pastels, colored pencils and a little Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution card comes with each greeting card.

I created greeting card lines:  A Peaceful Revolution and The Odd Sisters. Both were created to let people know that they matter and don’t have to be updated.

The Peaceful Revolution greeting cards come with a little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution card  that they can keep or pass on to someone else.

 The Odd Sister’s tagline is “Even if you are a little odd, you’ll always be a sister.” The cards are about inclusive and acceptance and these whimsical women are strong and sassy. I would not mess with them.

I hope you will heed the call and make March 2019 the month of the Greeting Card. And don’t forget about April, May, June….

Please let me know if you do send a card and how it felt to reach out to someone or if you are a little sad and need a card sent to you, please email me and I will send you a greeting card with a personal message from me. 

For more info, please go to: Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution

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My Confession. My Apology. My Call to Action.


“When they go low. We go high.” Former First Lady Michelle Obama

First of all,  I want to wish you all happy, healthy and adventurous new year. May this year find you feeling less stress and I hope we can all put down those electronic  devices and go outside and hug a tree or look up at that big yellow ball in the sky. It’s the sun and she would like to share a little D3 with us all. Not all of us can carry off the Walking Dead look.

I have to be honest.  2017 and all that went on got me off course. I feel like i am have been torn apart by the going ons in this county, in this world. Some days I felt like I wanted to stay under the covers and let someone battle the demons in the world.

And that is so not me.

But I felt powerless and gave into it. Some days  I would be all about the peace and love and then a minute later I would be yelling and my cats  would just turn up the cartoon channel. Their human was driving them nuts also.

I started Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution about 18 months ago. Right after the Orlando  Night Club massacre. I knew I had to do something besides crying and worrying about my family and friends.  I took the call to action seriously and with some dynamic members of the Peaceful Revolution, we distributed business size cards all over the world. My art and my words (or I dipped into some wordsmiths’ words to convey my thoughts) that covered the cards were left in public places where people could find them and know that they were not alone.

I do believe that when you are ready, what you are supposed to do shows up. That is how I feel about my passion to bring a little more peace and love to the world.

But I let myself get scared and frustrated by the world.

But no more!

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Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution Cards are changing the world one card at a time

little love letters on a chicago park becnchI am so pleased to be writing my first blog post here. This journey started at the end of July 2016. I had grown so tired of all the violence in the world and wasn’t sure what to do. Do I join everyone who is complaining or do I try something new. Something positive. As an artist and a writer I decided to blend both my words and art together and Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution was born.
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