Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution Card Designs

Click on art to see a larger version.  Actual size of Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution cards is  2″ x 3 1/2″

You can leave your Little Love Letter cards in grocery and clothing stores, gym locker rooms, libraries, doctor’s office, subways, cabs and wherever people tend to go.

Our cards are also given out to the unsung heroes around us: mail carriers, sanitation workers, housekeepers, landscapers, and car mechanics. Just use your imagination and don’t forget your family and friends.

To order cards, please go to “Receive Cards” page. Fill out the Paypal form (S&H only) and then please go back to the Receive card page  and fill out your mailing info. If there is a card  style or 2 that you would like to receive, please indicate that in the comment section. Otherwise, you will get a variety of cards. You cannot order cards here. This is just to show you the different styles that have been created. Thanks. Peace & love!