How to Get Involved

Changing the world one little love letter at a time.

Thank you very much for coming to “Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution” website. The purpose of this peaceful revolution is to bring a little love and peace back into the world. A huge feat, but change starts with small actions.

If you would like to join the peaceful revolution, we would be honored to have your help.  Here are a few ways that you can become involved in “Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution.”

1. Become a peaceful revolution member by requesting cards that you will leave in public places for someone to discover. Our hope is that the right person will find the right card and know that they are loved.

2. You can support the efforts of Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution so that we can keep the love and peace going in the world by clicking here. You will be helping us to print and mail Little Love Letters to anyone who wants and needs them.

3. To keep up with Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution, please subscribe and visit our Facebook page. Please post your pictures on our Facebook page. You just might inspire someone.

Peace and love to all.