elizabeth cassidy, founder of Little Love letters: A Peaceful Revolution, with two of  her award winning  Odd Sisters.

Like a lot of people, I am very upset by the brutality that seems to go on in this world every day. I started to make a list of all the places deeply affected by hate and I realized that it is all over the world. I don’t think that there is really a safe place on this planet. This was not the world I wanted to live in.

It got me thinking about how can I make a difference and I came up with this idea – Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution (TM). I took four paintings I created and had them made into business sized cards. On the flip side, I either wrote a little love letter or depended on some of the most powerful voices for their words.

I wondered if anyone would want to help. Would my idea of starting a peaceful revolution resonate with anyone? Had the world become too cynical to care? Could I crack through the world’s broken heart and offer much needed love and peace with the help of others?

The reaction was almost immediate when I shyly put forth this idea on Facebook this past July 2016. Within a month, over 100 people had asked to become members of the Peaceful Revolution. Cards were mailed all over the country, Europe, Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Mexico. I was just thrilled that my Little Love Letters resonated with people. As of November 2017. I have printed over 70,000 Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution cards.

People say that I started a movement. I think that is wrong. We started a peaceful revolution together. And we are not going to stop spreading love and peace. My hope is that we will continue to grow until everyone knows that their lives matter to all of us.

Here is my plan and I hope you will join me. I am making these cards available to anyone who would like to become a member of the Peaceful Revolution (I am asking for help with paying the S&H). All I am asking is for you to take these cards and leave them in public places so someone can find them and take the Little love Letter message with them. You can leave them in supermarkets, buses, doctors’ offices, restaurants and anyplace where you think someone will find them. And don’t forget about family and friends. We all could use a Little Love Letter.

And finally what I really love about Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution is that my words and my art found my cause. It was just waiting for me to show up.

Peace & Love


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