About me

I am an artist. I am imperfect. My art is imperfect.

Leaving Nassau County Museum of Art after the opening of their new exhibit, “That 80’s Show.” Plus my greeting cards created for the show are in their Museum Store.

In 2011, I got back into my art on a dare. Before that I worked in the NYC advertising field, tried life as a standup comic, shared my opinions as a national blogger, became a certified creativity coach, a Reiki Advanced Practitioner and then I wasn’t sure what else i wanted to be.

But my art knew.

I am the founder of Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution that was started after the Orlando Night Club massacre in June 2016. The 3.5″x 2″ cards feature my art and messages of hope or empathy on the other side. To date over 70,000 Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution cards have been distributed around the world.

People say that I started a movement. I think that is wrong. We started a peaceful revolution together. And we are not going to stop spreading love and peace. My hope is that we will continue to grow until everyone knows that their lives matter to all of us.

Then I thought it was time to create  A Peaceful Revolution Greeting Cards line. And so I did. A portion of the Peaceful Revolution greeting cards sales will be donated to OnePULSE Foundation which was created by the Pulse Nightclub owner, Barbara Palma, after the massacre in June 2016 that left 49 people dead.

A Peaceful Revolution Greeting Cards come with
a Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution card.

The Odd Sisters showed up one day during an art workshop on faces.  I am not a conventional painter so I was amazed when these whimsical and soulful faces showed up. I feel each one represents a time in a woman’s life – from childhood memories to #Me Too. “Mother and Child Reunion” and “The Lady No Longer Sings the Blues” were winners in a Expo 37 curated art show at BJ Spoke Gallery  in March 2018. Five of My Odd Sisters have been featured in Memoir Magazine.

The Odd Sisters say, ” Even if you are a little odd, you’ll always be a sister.”

I have been designing greeting cards for the Nassau County Museum of Art’s Museum Store. The cards fit the theme of upcoming exhibits: “True Colors,” “Wild Kingdom,” and “That 80s Show.” These cards will also be available to the public and will be up on my etsy page soon.

Greeting Cards from the Nassau County Museum of Art’s Museum Store.

I am an award winning artist and my fine art  has  been shown at Chase Edwards Gallery,  BJ Spoke Gallery, Guild Hall, Huntington Arts Council, Ripe Gallery, Artspace Patchogue, Book Revue, Art that Matters and the Art League of Long Island.

I hope you will explore my site and learn about my passion for creating art and making a difference.  

And finally what I really love about Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution is that my words and my art found my cause. It was just waiting for me to show up.

 Peace & Love,


Founder of Little Love letters: A Peaceful Revolution and The Odd Sisters

HUE Magazine, ACES magazine and The LI Herald have featured stories on the Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution and the Odd Sisters. I thank them for helping me to spread the word about my art and my causes.

Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution highlighted in FIT’s HUE Magazine

ACES Magazine featured both The Odd Sisters and Little Love Letter: A Peaceful Revolution in 2014 and 2018
The Herald featured Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution in their July and December 2018 issues.