Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution Cards are changing the world one card at a time

little love letters on a chicago park becnchI am so pleased to be writing my first blog post here. This journey started at the end of July 2016. I had grown so tired of all the violence in the world and wasn’t sure what to do. Do I join everyone who is complaining or do I try something new. Something positive. As an artist and a writer I decided to blend both my words and art together and Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution was born.

These simple Little Love Letters:  A Peaceful Revolution cards have a message of hope, love, encouragement and peace on one side. The other side is art that I have created. I also depend of some of the world’s greatest thinkers for their thoughts. Thank you Dr. King and Gandhi. Since August 2016, over 8000 cards have been designed, printed and mailed to people in the U.S. , Canada and Europe.

All I ask if that people leave them in a public place so someone can find the card and know that someone is thinking about them.

People ask me where about to leave the Little Love letters, so here are photos of some of the clever places people have left a little love and peace.

If you would like more info, please read about Little Love letters here and you can ask questions, support our cause or request cards.

I hope you will sign up for my newsletters. I promise to bring you posts on how we can all change the world. One little Love Letter at a time.

I look forward to you joining our peaceful revolution.


Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution - Henry the cat little love letters in a bathroom little love letters card placment #2-1 little love letters card placements #4-1 Little Love Letters A Peaceful Revolution in the subway little love letters at free library little love letter at gary's lunch #2-1little love letters places to put them Support Little Love Letters Revolution

little love letters in a free public librarylitte love letters at a nail salon

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