A Peaceful Revolution 2020

Thank you very much for coming to the updated “Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution” website. 2020 will be about bringing powerful social changes to the world. A huge feat, but change starts with small actions. And isn’t bringing love, acceptance, and peace back into the world worth it? If you would like to join the Peaceful Revolution 2020, we would be honored to have your help.

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The Odd Sisters Family

The world is imperfect. I am imperfect. My art is imperfect. I was delighted when The Odd Sisters showed up and asked to be given the right to make an entrance. They feel empowered to be here and The Odd Sisters know that, “Even if you are a little odd, you’ll always be a sister.”

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“i see u. i hear u. i love you.

These are the perfect cards to send to someone who needs to know that they matter. Sometimes a thoughtful gesture can change another person’s life for the better. There is research that shows that reaching out can change a person’s life – even save a person’s life.

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